ASB & Clubs

The leadership program at Saratoga High consists of the Associated Student Body (ASB), class offices, and commissions. Student leaders strive to improve the campus culture by organizing school activities, such as homecoming, dances, rallies, and fundraisers, and by managing the numerous student-run clubs on campus. If you're interested in becoming a student leader at Saratoga High, please check the ASB Links below.

Morning Announcements:
The 10 minutes after 1st period every Red Day are reserved for ASB Morning Announcements (and SHSTV). Submit your announcement for ASB to read on the Bulletin Announcement Form or send us a joke through our Joke Submission Form! If you missed an announcement, check out the Running Announcements Document.

TV Advertisements:
The TVs in the student center, main office, and library are used to promote school, class, and club related activities/events and announcements. If you would like to advertise something, please submit a Google Slide on the SHS Advertisement Form.

To stay up to date with activities, be sure to join the Saratoga High School 2021-2022 facebook page and follow @shsasb on instagram.

Club Calendar: Unavailable

For Regular Club Applicants:
Club Interviews will be held once a month, in-person, sometime in the month after you submit your application. After you submit your club application (virtually and physically) you will be contacted to schedule an interview. ASB will wait till the month is over so we have a rough estimate of the number of applications we have received.

Transition to in-person learning:

For clubs that submitted a Virtual Club Suspension Form to temporarily suspend your club until we return to a conventional format, you will now have to regularly hold meetings unless you have told a club commissioner that you’d like your club to discontinue.

In regards to approved clubs:
Please make sure you are part of the Club Presidents Facebook page to receive updates on club events, fundraisers, and club form requirements. Reach out to one of the Clubs Commissioners (Nandini Desai or Grace Hsu) if you have not been added.