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Link Crew

Link Crew Applications are now open for the 2024-25 school year! If you are interested in helping freshmen and new students integrate onto campus, love playing games and having fun with friends while playing an integral role in your school community, this job is for you!

What is Link Crew?

The primary role of a Link Crew Leader is as a mentor to a group of incoming freshmen students. You, along with your partner Link Crew Leader, will be responsible for leading a group of 10-15 freshmen through Freshmen Orientation. During that day, you will be facilitating team-building activities, as well as helping your group acclimate to the transition of high school. 


-Must be an incoming Junior or Senior (incoming sophomores qualify for A-Team- see below)

-Must be able to attend the mandatory meetings, trainings, Freshman Orientation, and activities at lunch ~ once per month throughout the year

-Should be comfortable speaking in front of small groups

-Strong leadership skills, with the ability to facilitate different games and activities

-Enthusiastic about Saratoga High School!

Please click this link to complete the application by May 3, 2024.