School WIFI

Student School WIFI
Posted on 08/03/2021
The guest wifi will stop working when we exceed the license limit, so the Tech Dept will disable the network. As a student, you should join LGSWifi. The Guest wifi has been throttled and will be disabled as needed to ensure LGSWifi has more capacity for student use during the school day.  LGSWifi is faster and you don't need to login every day.
Here are the wifi instructions again.
Full instructions to connect to LGSWIFI are here.

Android 11 phones - if you have connection issues, please email [email protected] for individual help.

You can reset your campus wifi and Google passwords by using the password portal.  You can reset your Canvas password by clicking the forgot password link on this page.
If you have any questions or concerns, visit the Library Tech office or email [email protected].