Free National School Lunch Program

Free National School Lunch Program Information
Posted on 07/26/2022

ALL students participating in the Free National School Lunch Program will have to have a completed application that can be filled out through your Titan Account
using this link
If you need assistance creating a Titan account, please contact support at 844-467-4700.

In order to be able to implement this program as smoothly as possible, it is imperative that we have your assistance in promptly filling out the applications well before the start of school as the cafeteria staff will be busier than ever!

● Students will still need to scan their ID cards
● Only NSLP meals qualify for reimbursement (Breakfast and Lunch)
● Ala Carte items will be available (snacks, beverages, etc) but do not qualify through the program and will need to be paid for by the student through their Titan account or with cash.

Please see the following document for login instructions:
Titan Information.pdf 


1) All Students should fill out a NSLP Application on Titan.
Without a completed application the 
District will not be reimbursed.
2) All Students may get one free Breakfast during the Breakfast time before school
3) All Students may get one free Lunch during Morning Break OR during Main Lunch—Not both.
4) Students may always pay for a second breakfast or lunch
5) Students can choose either Time for Lunch they are never pre-assigned
6) Menus are posted on Titan and in the Cafeteria
7) Breakfast components are a grain, Protein, fruit or vegetable and Milk Option (3 must be taken)
8) Lunch components are a Grain, Protein, Vegetable, Fruit and Milk Option (3 must be taken)
9) Milk is 1% White or Fat Free Chocolate
10) All Ala Carte Items are available for purchase and cannot be given as part of a meal
11) Deposit Funds online Through the Titan Portal for your account. Cash or check is accepted at
any point of sale but any change will be automatically deposited into the students Titan account
for future use.

BREAKFAST-Before School

(Morning Break Grab and Go) - THIS IS LUNCH!
ODD DAY 10:25am-10:40am
EVEN DAY 10:45am-11:00am

Will have more Quick Grab Items that can be eaten on the go for a shorter period.

LUNCH (Main Lunch Period-Full Menu)