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Letters of Recommendation

Scholarships and Summer Programs

Applying for scholarships or summer programs can be a tricky process.  Here are some school wide guidelines to help you figure out who to give what to and when.  This is primarily for scholarships and summer programs requiring transcripts and/or recommendations.   Please see your guidance counselor with any other questions.

If the scholarship/program requires letters of recommendation or transcripts, it must be processed by the Guidance department. 

Transcript Only

  1. Pick up and fill out Transcript Request form from the Guidance office counter.

  2. Submit Transcript Request form, $5, along with an addressed and stamped envelope to the Guidance office at least one week before the due date. 

  3. If the program/scholarship requires a school profile, be sure to let your guidance counselors know.

  4. If the program/scholarship requires SAT scores, be sure to let your guidance counselors know.

Recommendations ONLY

Note for seniors: If you have applied to private schools, your scholarship recommendations must be from someone who has already written a letter for you.

  1. Ask the teacher/guidance counselor/administrator well in advance (at least a month prior to due date).  Be sure to choose a person who knows your academic abilities well and can also speak about the kind of person you are in class.  If your program/scholarship is subject-specific, you should ask someone who would be able to provide relevant information.

  2. Provide the recommender with a resume of your extracurricular activities and accomplishments, an addressed envelope that is also stamped (1 first class stamp for every four sheets of paper).

  3. Be sure to thank your recommender properly with a thank you card, in person or via email.

If SHS needs to mail your entire application

  1. Create a checklist of what your application needs to include for guidance (ie, application, 2 letters of recommendation, transcript and school profile).  This should be paper clipped to the front of your materials.

  2. Bring all your materials (application and all other relevant materials) to Mrs. Alvarado in the Guidance office.  Be sure to include an addressed envelope that is large enough and also has enough stamps (1 first class stamp for every four sheets of paper).

  3. Make sure your recommenders know to return their sealed letters to the Guidance department.

  4. If you need a transcript, see directions for “Transcript only” and include it along with your other materials.

  5. Your application will only be accepted if all materials are properly ordered and included. The Guidance department should have your materials at least one week before the due date.