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Course Requests Overview - New Students

New Student Course Requests (Course Registration) Process Overview

This overview is for students & families new to Saratoga High School incoming grades 9-12.

Step 0: Enroll the student in the school

Finishing an enrollment ensures the student is assigned staff resources, may request courses, and the family is on the school mailing list to receive information and notices.

Step 1: Review the Course Catalog

Parents of incoming grade 9 students are strongly encouraged to read the Frequently Asked Questions.

This page has the current course catalog information.  This page has the current Scope and Sequence Charts.

Step 2: Participate in Back-to-School Information Events (Jan-Feb)

Common questions are covered in the information events.  This page has the current calendar of events.

Presentation materials for many past events are posted online.  Please check this page for materials.

Step 3: Submit course requests (Feb-Mar)

Incoming grade 9 students: use this online form.

Incoming grades 10-12 students: use this online form.

Please submit requests only one time; if you want to make an adjustment, please contact your assigned guidance counselor.

Step 4: Meet the guidance counselor (optional) (Feb-Mar)

Redwood Middle School rising grade 9 students may meet with their SHS guidance counselor at the RMS campus.  See the calendar of events for schedule details.

All other new students may meet with their SHS guidance counselor either online or at SHS.  See the calendar of events for schedule details.  Contact the guidance counselor if you have questions.

Students who miss the scheduled dates and still want a meeting with the guidance counselor should contact the assigned guidance counselor and request a meeting.

Step 5: School staff schedule students into classes (Jan-Jul)

This process starts in January and typically continues into June / July.

Step 6: Student picks up the new year class schedule (Aug)

Students may pick up their class schedule at the SHS Falcon Fest event in August just before school starts.  See the calendar of events for schedule details.