Work Permit Information

Want to get a job? Not yet 18 years of age?

If you would like to work and you are not yet 18 years of age, you will need a work permit.

How to Get a Work Permit During the Academic Year:

1. You will need to first complete the Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit form, which is available either:

• In the Guidance Office at Saratoga High School
• Downloaded here as a pdf file and print.. (Please print both pages)

2. Complete the following sections of the Statement of Intent:

• For Minor to Complete (must be complete, including Social Security number)
• For Employer to Complete ( must be complete, including signature)
• For Parent or Guardian to Complete (must include signature)

3. Return the completed form to the Guidance Office at Saratoga High school for approval.

4. Pick up your actual Work Permit the following day at the same location.

5. Take the Work Permit to your place of employment and give to employer.

If you have questions, call the Guidance Office at x212.

How to Get a Summer Work Permit:
Over the summer work permits will be issued in the Main Office, at Saratoga High School located at 20300 Herriman Avenue, Saratoga. Call for summer hours of operation (408) 867-3411.

Please note the Saratoga High School Office will be closed during the month of July.. During that time Work Permits can be obtained from the District Office at 17421 Farley Road West, Lost Gatos. 408-354-2520.