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House Policies

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Aisles: All fire lanes, aisles, hallways, and exit paths must be kept clear at all times.

Alcohol: State law prohibits the possession, sale, and consumption of alcohol anywhere on the Saratoga High School campus, including in and around McAfee Center.

Animals: Animals are prohibited in McAfee Center with the exception of ADA service animals.

Announcements: Prior to every performance an announcement containing the following information must be made by a live person: the locations of the fire exits; a reminder to turn off cell phones etc; special warnings regarding the use of lighting effects (i.e. strobes), sharp noises (i.e. gunshots); recording restrictions; etc.

Cleaning: You are responsible for returning the theater to the condition it was in when you arrived. This includes restoring the rep plot, zeroing the sound console, striking equipment, picking up programs left in the auditorium, and making sure all garbage is placed in receptacles. Additional cleaning and technician charges will apply if necessary.

Damages: You will be charged for any damage to the building or equipment resulting from your event.

Fire and Flame: Open flames of any kind are strictly prohibited, including candles, matches, lighters, incense, etc.

Flameproofing: All scenery, properties, and soft goods used must be flameproofed before they may be used on stage. Productions must show certification of flameproofing upon request and are subject to inspection and testing by the state fire marshal and/or McAfee Center management.

Food and Beverages: Food and beverages are not allowed in the auditorium, on stage, or in the control booths. Concessions may be served in the lobby and food may be served in the green room. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited at all times. All food privileges may be revoked at any time.

Lighting Effects: The use of strobe lighting and ultra-violet light must be approved by McAfee Center management prior to load-in. A notice must be posted in the lobby for any performance using these effects.

Movies: McAfee Center is not licensed to show movies. It is against the law to show any copyrighted film in a theater, even to a non-paying audience, without a license from the film’s distribution company. A license granted to an individual or organization does not apply to the showing of a film in a performance venue. The license must be granted for McAfee Center.

Parking: If your event occurs during school hours (7:30am - 3:30pm weekdays), you must provide alternate transportation and parking for your patrons. During school hours the Saratoga High School parking lot is reserved for staff and students. Saratoga High School does not have bus parking available. Due to parking restrictions, we will not accept bookings for events coinciding with major campus events (e.g. home football games and dances).

Photography and Recording: Flash photography is not allowed. Written permission must be obtained from the publisher of any copyrighted works before photography or recording may be made. Due to fire safety, approved video recordings may only be made from the aisle behind the back row of seats in the center section of the auditorium.

Publicity: All publicity must refer to McAfee Center as one of the following: "McAfee Center"; "McAfee Performing Arts Center"; "McAfee Lecture Center"; or "McAfee Performing Arts and Lecture Center".

Pyrotechnics: The use of any form of pyrotechnics is strictly prohibited.

Scenery and Rigging: All scenery and rigging is subject to inspection, approval, and modification by McAfee Center management. No rigging, materials, or construction which is deemed unsafe will be permitted. The fly rail is to be operated only by house personnel.

Signs and Decoration: No sign or decoration is allowed on the building exterior or sidewalks. Decorations or signs shall not be placed anywhere in the building without the permission of the management. The party responsible for the damage will pay for any damage caused by improper mounting.

Smoke Effects: All smoke, fog, and haze effects are prohibited due to the sensitivity of McAfee Center’s fire suppression system.

Spray Painting: No spray painting of any kind is allowed in or around McAfee Center.

Standing Room: Due to fire regulations, standing is not permitted anywhere in the auditorium during a performance. McAfee Center has a maximum seating capacity of 569. Every person must have a seat. Please see Seating Chart.

Tobacco: State law prohibits the use of tobacco anywhere on the Saratoga High School campus, including in and around McAfee Center.

Tripods and Monopods: The use of tripods and monopods in the auditorium is prohibited with the exception of those used for approved photography and video recording in the back of the auditorium.

Ushers: McAfee Center does not provide House Management staff. You are required to provide a minimum of two ushers for audiences under 200 persons, and four ushers for audiences up to theater capacity. It is your responsibility to train your ushers.

Weapons: State law prohibits the possession of weapons anywhere on the Saratoga High School campus, including in McAfee Center. This includes, but is not limited to, firearms and knives. Any weapons to be used in performance must be approved prior to rehearsal by McAfee Center management. Stage firearms must not be capable of firing any projectile. Firearms which fire blank cartridges are not permitted. Stage knives must be dulled and/or retractable. Any prop which is deemed to be unsafe will be confiscated.