Student Orientation and Falcon Fest Information

Student Orientation and Falcon Fest Information
Posted on 08/05/2022

Welcome to 

Saratoga High School! 

We are very excited that you will join the SHS community, and would like to invite you to an orientation designed to both welcome and support you with the transition.


Falcon Fest (including pictures and schedule pick-up)

When: Tuesday, August 16th, 8:15am-9:30am (10th graders), 9:30am-11:30am (9th graders), 1pm-2pm (11th graders), and 2pm-3pm (12th graders).

Where:  Enter the quad under the large red-lettered “Saratoga” sign next to the Music Building.   Look for the flag pole and 3 palm trees.

Bring: 1) Aeries Data Confirmation print-out, 2) Generations Photo Ticket, 3) Falcon Fest Data Sheet which will be stamped at each station of Falcon Fest, 4) ASB Package form with $189 check or prepaid webstore receipt, 5) completed parking form from the school website, and donation checks for booster groups.  

Generations Photo Order Instructions.jpg

Falcon Fest Data Sheet.pdf

ASB Package 2022.pdf


New Student and Parent Orientation

When: Tuesday, August 16, 6:00pm-7:00pm

Where: Quad, on the large tile Falcon mascot in the ground.   Our ASB students will be at a table there to greet you.

This event is for new students grades 9-12 who are new to the Saratoga community (non-Redwood students) and their parents.  The students will be meeting members of our Leadership Class who will be taking you on a tour of your classes before walking you over to Food Truck Fest.  Parents will meet with administrators in the Student Center.

Bring:  Your class schedule that you received earlier in the day and money for Food Truck Fest.


Food Truck Fest and Homecoming Reveal

When: Tuesday, August 16, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Where:  The parking lot in front of the school.

This is a family event where students and their families can come and purchase dinner from one of our four food trucks and other vendors.  Students can see friends they have not seen all summer.  Approximately at 8:30pm, the Homecoming Commission will reveal the Homecoming themes for our very popular Homecoming Week.  Students will be excused immediately after the 5 minute video to go home and get a good night sleep.

Bring: Money to purchase dinner at food trucks or vendors.   This is a class fundraiser for all classes.


Incoming Freshman Orientation

When: Wednesday, August 17, 8:00am-Noon

Where: Large Gym at SHS

This is an exciting, high-energy event for freshmen to meet two upper class mentors who will help their transition from middle school to SHS.  Lunch will be provided.  Students can be picked up in front of the large gym.

Bring:  A great attitude, a smile, and a willingness to meet new people!


Parent Education Workshops

When: Wednesday, August 17, 8:30am-11:30am

Where: McAfee

This event is hosted by our PTSO and will be informational for all parents, but especially for parents new to SHS.  We will be discussing mental health tips, protocols unique to the school, and give you insight into the activities that go on at SHS.  


PTSO Parent Ed “Sleep Talk” with Dr. Mark Rosekind

When: Wednesday, August 17, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Where: McAfee

This event is hosted by our PTSO is an RSVP event (Click HERE).   Dr. Rosekind served under President Obama's administration and was appointed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). He served as Director of the Center for Human Sleep Research at Stanford University, and is passionate about bringing awareness of the importance of sleep for all things health and safety. 

Bring:  An alert attitude as it would look bad if you fell asleep in the “Sleep Talk” presentation!


If you have any questions, email Mr. Torrens at [email protected]