Falcon Family Peer Tutor Program

The FFPT Tutoring Rooms are designed to provide a peer tutor Monday through Friday from 3pm-6pm for drop-in help with specific subjects.  For a student to access a Tutoring Room, the student simply needs to click on the name of the tutor during the specific time and date.  Once in the Zoom room, the student can ask the tutor for some help on a question, receive the support, and then log out--no long term commitment.  


Monday, Oct 12

Tuesday, Oct 13

Wed., Oct 14

Thurs., Oct 15

Friday, Oct 16


Jessie Zhou (AP Chemistry and Physics)

Celine Chien (English 9 and 10, Chinese 1-5)

Lisa Fung (math up to Pre-Calc (H), Spanish 1-4H, Biology)

Nithya Koneru (English & Alg, Geom, Alg II)

Celine Chien (English 9 and 10, Chinese 1-5)

Amarangana Tyagi (Biology, AP European History, World History)


Tiffany Wang (Alg, Geom, Alg II, Biology, Chemistry)

Advaith Avadhanam (Alg, Geom, Alg II) (Biology)

Ananya Srinivasan (Bio, Chem, Chem Hon, Physics) (Alg, Geom, Alg II, Pre-Calc)

Anusha Neerkundar (Alg 1, Geometry, Biology)

Nandini Desai (Alg II, Pre-Calc, Chem, Chem Hon)

Adrian Ngai (Bio, Chem) (Alg, Geom, Alg II)


Kavya Narayan (Comp Sci or English 9,10)

Sarah Zhou (Chinese 1-4 and math up to PreCalc(H))

Shreyas Rana (Alg to Pre- Calc Hon, APCS)

Meeting ID: 442 189 4668

Passcode: 1tCR9h




Esther Luan pwd:estherluan (Alg, Geom, Alg II, Pre-Calc, AP Calc AB/BC, Bio, Chem H, English 9-10)

 Students who feel they would benefit from a 1:1 peer tutor are encouraged to sign up on the Falcon Family Peer Tutor Request Form.  Peer Tutors are reviewing the request form and will begin contacting students to make arrangements.