Work Permits

*** Updated 3/23/20 ***

Work Permits

In response to COVID-19 the school campus is closed at this time.  However we are still processing requests for WORK PERMITS through an email process.

1) Download the Statement of Intent to Employ (B1-1) form.   Note this is the state-required application for a permit, not the permit itself.   Complete the form (be sure to include your social security number) and email a copy to:

2) We will send your school email account an unfinished (not final) work permit in response.  Print, review, sign where indicated and return it to:

Sign and Date

3) We will finalize the Work Permit (B1-4) it and send a final copy to your school email account, along with your copy of the completed Statement of Intent to Employ (B1-1).

 4) Give the finalized Work Permit (B1-4) to your employer for their records.  Keep the Statement of Intent to Employ (B1-1) for your records.