Assessment Testing

Assessment Testing Information

We recognize that new students arrive to us from many different backgrounds and types of schools.  To help support the student's academic transition to Saratoga High School, our Mathematics and World Languages departments offer optional student readiness assessment testing before the school year begins to new students.

The output of the assessment is a recommendation for the appropriate course, and can be useful for students and families making course selections for the first time at Saratoga High School.

Assessments are for students new to the school in the 2022-23 school year.

Math Assessment

We offer an optional math assessment to newly enrolled students coming from out-of-district and private schools designed to assist in the transition to math at Saratoga High School.

Students who do not need to be assessed:

  • Students from Redwood Middle, Raymond J. Fisher Middle, or C.T. English Middle
  • Students wanting Sequential Math or Algebra 1

Students must signup in advance.  This assessment is optional, and is NOT required for admission to any math course.  The assessment will evaluate skills for all levels of math.  The output of the assessment is a math course recommendation appropriate for Saratoga High School.

Please plan to arrive few minutes early.  The assessment requires approximately 2 hours to complete.  Students may not use calculators, internet access, or other aides.

We offer two separate dates for your convenience.  Students may test only one time.

Math assessment signup is HERE.

1st Date
Location: Saratoga High School, Library Resource Center
Date: Thursday, May 26, 2022 3:00pm

2nd Date
Location: Saratoga High School, Specific Location to be Announced
Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2022 3:00pm

Please plan to arrive a few minutes early.  Testing requires approximately 2 hours.

Questions?  Please contact Ms. Abra Evanoff:

Ms. Abra Evanoff, Asst. Principal
Saratoga High School
[email protected]
408-867-3411 ext. 208

World Language Assessments

Students must sign up in advance.

Chinese Program Introduction & Placement Test Information

SHS Chinese Placement Test Information


Date: Sunday, February 6, 2022, 1-4 pm

If a student is planning to take a Chinese class at SHS in the upcoming school year, please read SHS Chinese placement information and complete the Placement Survey. Students new to Chinese can just sign up for Chinese 1 and do not need to take the test.

Students may create a composition in writing or typing and submit it with the Placement Survey if they are planning to take Chinese 2 or above. The purpose of the Placement Survey and test is to help SHS determine the students’ level in Chinese to help the student succeed in furthering his/her knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. Please visit the Chinese portfolio for more information.

During the placement test, students will be tested in the following categories: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and typing. They will listen to passages and summarize those passages or write reflections on the passages in Chinese. They will write and type compositions on the topics related to Chinese culture, current events, or news. The test will include materials from the textbooks, supplementary materials, current events, and news. Please see the SHS Chinese Materials Samples as a reference for different levels. Students are expected to be able to understand the texts by listening and reading as well as present their summary or reflection of the text in speech, writing, and typing. Please click and print the writing sheet with 6 pages of 200 words per sheet and prepare pens for the writing session of the placement test.

Please contact both teachers below if you have any questions or need to schedule an alternate date for the test.


Mariam Fan [email protected] AND Chenhui Wu [email protected]

The French assessment is offered as an individual online interview.

Please contact the teacher Ms. Elaine Haggerty at [email protected] to arrange a date and time.


The Japanese assessment is offered as an individual online interview.

Please contact the teacher Ms. Yukiko Hara  at [email protected] or Kumi Kobayashi [email protected] to arrange a date and time.


Students coming from Redwood Middle School who have taken Spanish 1A and Spanish 1B will not be assessed.  They should sign up for Spanish 2. 

The Spanish assessment is designed to help new out-of-district families or heritage Spanish speakers make an informed decision about their student's Spanish course for the next school year.  

Students must sign up in advance.  

Spanish Assessment Test

Location: Saratoga High School, Room 601
Date: Friday August 12, 2022, 11am

Please plan to arrive a few minutes early.  Exam duration is about 2 hours.  Please contact the Spanish instructor, Ms. Sarah Voorhees, if you have questions.

Ms. Sarah Voorhees
Saratoga High School
[email protected]