Wellness Center

Hey Falcons!! 

Wellness @ Saratoga is a new student-led group at Toga comprised of many different clubs and groups on campus that share the same goals such as destigmatizing mental health, mental health awareness, building connections, reduce stress, and grow mentally and physically to sustain a healthy lifestyle. 

Many of these clubs and groups include: 
Healthy Living Club
Mental Health Initiative
Sources of Strength 
Yoga for All 

Our goal is to provide a space for all students to actively participate in accomplishing these goals. 

Fill out this form if you are interested.  

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Noora Fayad (fayn4331@lgsstudent.org), Ema Foley (fole3575@lgsstudent.org), and Ms. Barnes (mbarnes@lgsuhsd.org). 

Recent Events

Toolbox to Success - In February, Healthy Living Club and Mental Health Initiative have been working together to help guide the SHS community in building their toolbox to success through skillset learning. They had a starting point meeting to help gather information from parents on overall thoughts around wellbeing and wellness. In March, they will be launching their first webinar on academic stress. 

Wellness Kits (Round 2) - At the end of January, Healthy Living Club launched their second round of wellness kits aiming to accomplish the same goals in the first round of wellness kits. 

Wellness Kits - Healthy Living Club

Wellness Kits (Round 1) - 
In November 2020, Healthy Living Club's goal in making wellness kits was to bring the Wellness Center to every student home by providing students free wellness kits to help destress and take time for themselves during this pandemic. 

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