Community-Based Instruction

Special Education - Community-Based Instruction

Program Overview

The CBI program at Saratoga High School serves students with increased support needs in all areas of student life.  Students participate in an individualized schedule combining  specialized classes within a small setting, mainstream electives and community-based instruction that includes job training and community life-skills training.

Our Mission

The goal of our program is to set students on the path to becoming independent community members.  Overall instructional themes include self-advocacy, self-help, self-determination and communicative needs.  See Transition to Adulthood.  

Our Team

The CBI program is taught by two teachers who specialize in moderate to severe disabilities.  Support staff includes instructional aides with many years of experience within the field of special education.

Courtney Crase: [email protected] 
Lisa McCahill: [email protected]

Room: X03 and X04
Phone: (408) 867-3411 ext. 389

Two Different Settings for Learning

In the Classroom

Students are provided direct instruction in areas including basic reading and writing, functional math, basic core content, health and wellness, job development, and life and social skills.  In-class assignments, activities and weekly homework are required for student success within these topics.  Direct services such as Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy, and Adapted PE are delivered in the classroom and/or in small group or individual settings as determined by the IEP team. 

In the Community

To support generalization of skills and to provide meaningful context of classroom topics, students are expected to demonstrate their learning in the community (i.e. grocery shopping, recreational plans with friends, public transportation, workability and volunteer jobs) between two and three times per week.   Frequent community experiences are necessary for actual mastery of topics introduced in the classroom.