Link Crew

What is the Link Crew Program?

Link Crew is a Freshmen transition program that begins with a Freshmen Orientation Day that takes place before the first day of school.  The goal of Freshmen Orientation Day is for every Freshmen to connect with and to get to know their student Link Crew Leader and fellow Freshmen.  These connections are kept alive throughout the school year with Follow Up activities.

Who are the Link Crew Team Members?

Link Crew Coordinators are adults who organize and facilitate student Leader training, run the opening Freshmen Orientation Day, and support the student leaders with Follow Up activities throughout the school year.

Support Team are all Staff members who work with the Coordinators in the selection of student Link Crew Leaders; those who help schedule and setup and take down the spaces needed for Orientation Day, and providing support for activities throughout the school year.

Link Crew Commissioners is a team of six Juniors and Seniors who support the adult Link Crew Coordinators in preparing for and coordinating the logistics of Orientation Day and all the Follow Up activities; acting as their right hand persons.  They will also assume the role of Link Crew Leaders.

Link Crew Leaders are Juniors and Seniors who are trained by Adult Link Crew Coordinators to be leaders and mentors to a group of 8 to 10 Freshmen.  After the opening on Freshmen Orientation Day, they will lead their group of Freshmen through many activities that builds connection to each other and to our school.  Throughout the school year, they will checkin with their group of Freshmen to see how they are experiencing their first year of high school, and invite them to Follow Up events that continue to build connection to each other and to our school.

The A Team consists of a small group of Sophomores who manages all the behind the scenes work that provide foundational support for the Link Crew Commissioners, Link Crew Leaders, and the Adult Link Crew Coordinators.