Clearing Absences
In order to excuse an absence a parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office. If leaving a voice mail message, include the student's name, grade level, reason for absence, relationship to student and date(s) of absence(s). You have 72 hours to clear an absence. The 72-hour window begins at the start of the school day that the student is absent. After 72 hours all unverified absences become cuts and will not be able to be cleared.
Students may not leave school without first checking out through the Attendance Office.Failure to check out through the Attendance Office will result in a class cut which cannot be cleared. If a student needs to leave campus before the end of the school day, the parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office to give permission for the student to leave campus prior to the designated time. The student must come to the Attendance Office to pick up an office campus pass prior to leaving campus. (The Office will not deliver passes.)
Upon returning to school a student must check in at the Attendance Office and receive an admit to class.
Attendance Office Phone Number
24- Hour Voicemail
(408) 867-3411 x 240

Health Notes from the District Nurse 

Well, it is that time of year again.  Children come together to share their summer experiences.  They also share germs.  As a result there is usually an increase in children with a variety of medical conditions that can be transmitted to others.  So, here are some guidelines for all of us to use in determining if a child should stay home. 

  • Vomiting—stay home until no vomiting for 24 hours
  • Cough—if productive cough stay home until symptoms subside
  • Fever—If fever 100 or greater—stay home until child is fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT the use of fever reducing medications (Tylenol, etc)
  • Diarrhea—Stay home until symptom free for 24 hours
  • Eyes—Red eyes with Exudate and drainage—should be seen by physician for medication and may return to school when on medication for 24 hours and Redness decrease.

Consult your physician if the above symptoms persist for longer than 24-36 hours. 

Communicable Diseases

This year has seen the usual increase in REPORTABLE communicable diseases.  This is a reminder that when a child is diagnosed with a communicable disease (such as Whooping Cough) it is important to keep your child home as directed by your physician.  Coming back to school before the recommended time places others at risk for contracting any communicable disease.  Many vaccines are not 100% effective, so it is important to protect not only others in our school community, but also other in our wider community.

Some tips to help our children remain healthy.

  • Children need at least 9 hours of sleep each night
  • Outside activities help to promote healthy outcomes for children (Walking, sports, etc)
  • Eating a well balance diet is essential in promoting healthy outcomes for children
  • BREAKFAST—helps children learn and be attentive
  • As soon as a child becomes ill…..Stay home and rest 

Hopefully these tips with help all of us to stay well during the remainder of the school year.  Health care providers encourage all of us to get a Flu vaccinations every year.  They are available at many pharmacies and through your health care provider.