Attendance and Off Campus Pass

Student Attendance Information:
Call 408-867-3411, Ext 240
24-Hour Voicemail

  • In order to excuse an absence, a parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office. If leaving a voice mail message, please spell the last name of your student, provide your student’s ID, graded level, reason for absence, relationship to student and date(s) of absence(s).
  • You have 72 hours to clear an absence. The 72-hour window begins at the start of the school day that the student is absent. After 72 hours all unverified absences become cuts and will not be able to be cleared.
  • If your student was present in class but was marked absent, they need to contact the teacher to verify their attendance. The teacher will clear the absence through the Attendance office. 
  • The student will need to check in at the attendance window upon arrival to campus.

Off-Campus Pass

  • Please call the attendance line (408-867-3411, Ext 240) prior to picking up a student for an appointment and to request an off-campus pass.

  • Spell the last name of your student, and provide your student’s ID number. 

  • Indicate the time of pick up, reason for absence, and advise if the student will return to campus and when.

  • The Off-Campus pass will be located in your student’s Saratoga High School email account. (The Office will not deliver passes.)

  • The student will need to check in at the attendance window upon return to campus.

For all attendance policies, refer to the Student Handbook. Student Handbook 2022-23.pdf