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World Languages

All classes satisfy the Visual/Performing Arts graduation requirement.  Please note that a minimum of two years of credit in the same world language is required for four year college admission.  A world language course will not meet the Visual/Performing Art requirement for colleges which specify this as a subject needed for admission.

The mission of our department is to best prepare our students for life in the 21st century. By studying a World Language, students gain an appreciation for other cultures, are intellectually challenged, and acquire communicative skills for use in their future professions. The skills and knowledge acquired in our language courses are ones that will prove invaluable to students in their adult lives. 

Minimum High School Graduation Requirement

Minimum 4-year college Entrance Requirement
Must earn a C- or higher in 2 years of the same world language for most selective colleges

Special Notes 
-Students enrolled in SHS foreign language are not allowed to skip or advance levels. 
-Students coming from middle school other than Redwood Middle School must take a placement test prior to enrolling in Level 2 or 3
-Summer school classes, community college classes, or outside language programs may not be used for advancement

Chinese Courses French Courses Spanish Courses  Japanese Courses

Chinese 1
Chinese 2
Chinese 3
Chinese 4 Honors
Chinese 5 Honors
Chinese Language & Culture (AP)


French 1
French 2
French 3 Honors
French Language & Culture (AP) 

Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4 Honors
Spanish Language & Culture (AP)        

      Japanese 4AP                         


For Updated Class Descriptions, please visit the SHS Guidance page here