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Two years of science credits are required for graduation -- one year of biological science and one year of physical science. Due to lab safety concerns in the limited space, science classes are capped at 32 students in each class. Only students at the appropriate grade level who have completed the required courses with the recommended grade should consider an honors or advanced placement class. Course priority is given to seniors, and then juniors, based on UC/CSU a-g requirements.

Minimum High School Graduation Requirement
Must pass 2 years (1 year of biological science & 1 year of physical science)

Minimum 4-year college Entrance Requirement

Must earn a C- or higher in at least 2 years of college prep lab sciences, generally 1 year in biological science & 1 year in physical science.

Special Notes
-Students who are likely to pursue a science or engineering major in college are strongly encouraged to enroll in a physics class. 
-Freshmen and sophomores may not take more than one science class per year.
~Biology must be completed during the regular academic school year.
-Non- P classes do not count as prerequisites for Science Honors, AP and Elective courses
-A chemistry course must be completed during the regular academic school year for access to AP science courses at SHS.

Click the course title and link below to read the course description:

Science Courses
Earth Science

Science Honors & Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
Chemistry Honors
Biology (AP)
Chemistry (AP)
Environmental Science (AP)
Physics 1 (AP) / Physics 2 (AP)
AP Physics C (AP) - Mechanics/Electricity & Magnetism

Science Electives
Anatomy & Physiology
Environmental Science
Marine Biology

For Updated Class Descriptions, please visit the SHS Guidance page here