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Physical Education

Two years of Physical Fitness credit are required for graduation.  Physical Fitness courses taken in summer school do not meet the Physical Fitness requirement for graduation.  See your Guidance Counselor for information.


Minimum High School Graduation Requirement
Must pass 20 credits. Freshmen must participate in both semesters 
Minimum 4-year college Entrance Requirement
Special Notes
- Seniors who have not completed he required 20 credits of PE will be automatically enrolled in intermediate physical fitness, Seniors who plan on playing a     sport may still do so, but will need to a team, with their name appearing on a sport's roster, before being excused from PE. 
- 9th graders can only earn a maximum of 10 PE credits, even if participating in 3 sports.
- 9th graders will all be enrolled in physical education class and will remain in their class until they have made a team and their name appears on a sport's roster. 

Physical Fitness Alternatives
Fall, Winter & Spring Sports
Strength and Conditioning
Color Guard
Winter Guard
Dance Team
PE Marching Band 9
PE Marching Band

For Updated Class Descriptions, please visit the SHS Guidance page here