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Revising Your Writing

Checklist for Revision

Revision is an important part of writing. It is the time a writer revisits his or her work for the purpose of making it better. Writing is not finished until it has been revised.

A Revision Process for Your Drafts

Instead of trying to revise an entire draft in one swoop, break your revision process into a series of smaller, more manageable steps. Here is a suggested process:

Rethink purpose, thesis, and audience
Rethink ideas and evidence
Rethink organization
Rethink clarity and style

If you have written an effective essay, you should be able to answer “yes” to the following questions:

  1. Do I feel I have something important to say to my reader?
  2. Am I sincerely committed to communicating with my reader and not just with myself?
  3. Have I considered my audience’s needs?
  4. Do my title and hook attract the reader’s attention and help set up my thesis?
  5. Does my thesis statement assert one main, clearly focused idea?
  6. Does my thesis and/or blueprint give the reader an indication of what points the essay with cover?
  7. Do my body paragraphs contain the essential points in the essay’s discussion, and are those points expressed in clearly stated or implied topic sentences?
  8. Is each major point in my essay well developed with enough detailed supporting evidence?
  9. Have I stayed on my topic, or have I strayed and included unnecessary information?
  10. Are all the paragraphs in my essay smoothly linked in a logical order?
  11. Does my concluding paragraph provide a suitable ending for the essay?


And most important:

  1. Has my essay been effectively revised so I am proud of this piece of writing?