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Meet Our Students & Staff

Sarah Thomas, Class of 2024

"Our community's resilience and commitment to bettering ourselves makes me proud to be a Falcon!"

Archie Ljepava, Campus Supervisor

"I'm proud of the family atmosphere Saratoga has as a staff and the way they let that trickle down to the students; the passion for teaching the students not only to be successful in a chosen career but also in life."

Sydney Backhus, Class of 2023

"I’m so grateful for the opportunities I have gained from my time at SHS, along with my teachers and fellow classmates who have made my high school experience great."

Sydney Backhus
Class of 2023, Saratoga HS

Octavio Spencer Escobedo, Maintenance Worker

"The staff, kids, and parents are very nice and I love to help people. This is the school where my son graduated from. I am very thankful for the staff that helped him succeed in high school and graduate."

Anatta "Blue" Chankhunthod, Class of 2026

"The level of academics and extracurricular really make me proud to be a SHS Falcon. My fellow classmates and teachers are another reason I'm proud to be a SHS Falcon."

Kathy Nakamatsu, Teacher

" The students and staff at SHS are AMAZING. I have five wonderful classes of Honors Chemistry students. I love teaching sophomores because I get to help them transition from 9th graders to 11th graders. The growth they experience during this year is monumental. My students are so polite, too - they say "thank you" even when I hand them a test! I love the teachers I work with as well. Some of the hardest working and dedicated staff I've ever met."

Kathy Nakamatsu
Teacher, Saratoga HS

Ava Cai, Class of 2026

"I love this school and community simply because of how comfortable being here feels. At SHS, you can do whatever you desire and be whoever you want, with the reassuring thought that the people around you will always support and be there for you."

Ava Cai, Class of 2026

PJ Yim, Teacher

"I am happy to be working at a school that values education, hard work, and academic/personal integrity."