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Enrollment & Registration

Welcome to Saratoga High School

Student Enrollment

A parent or legal guardian may enroll (register) a new student with the school district:

Step 1: Verify the Student Residence Address.  If the address is not found in the area of the school, please contact the school registrar.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents
Proof of Residency Requirements
California School Immunization Requirements  If your student is currently attending Redwood Middle School, Raymond J. Fisher Middle School, or CT English Middle School, your school will provide this information to us.  All others must provide proof of immunization at point of enrollment.

If your student is coming to us from a school outside Santa Clara County then our County also requires the completed TB Risk Assessment for School Entry

Step 3: Online Enrollment
-Review the Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions
-When you are ready, Click Here to Start
-The system will generate an automated email when the enrollment information has been submitted for review

Step 4.  Registrar Review
-The registrar is notified when the student information is submitted.  After registrar review the parent/guardian will receive an email from the registrar:

a) confirmation that the enrollment is successfully completed;
b) a list of issues and how to fix them

If the student will not be living with a parent/legal guardian, or if the family will be living in a home they neither own nor rent, please contact the school registrar for further instructions: or 408/867-3411 x214.


Please contact the registrar: or 408/867-3411 x214.