What does a Link Leader Do?

Link Leaders are trained to work with the incoming freshman class that will be entering Saratoga High next fall. After the August training session, the Link Leaders will lead Freshman Orientation. Each Link Leader will work with a small group of freshmen during orientation and will be asked to help that group during their first year of high school with any challenges they may face. During a few tutorials, Link Leaders will lead their student groups along with the guidance of a staff member to discuss freshman topics and concerns. Link Leaders will call/contact their Links to touch base, discuss problems, and plan social activities. We know that the more contact a freshman has with his/her Link Leader, the more successful the freshman will be in his/her high school career.

Details of a Link Leader’s responsibilities can be found attached to the application.

Qualities we are looking for in our Link Crew Leaders:
1. Availability
2. Collaborativeness
3. Commitment
4. Creativity
5. Enthusiasm
6. Friendliness
7. Problem solving
8. Quality of application
9. Timeliness
10. Thoughtfulness

The dates required of Link Crew Leaders will be:

* August 1-13 for Link Crew Commissioners and A-Team 
* August 14, 12-4pm for Link Crew Training 
* August 15, 8-4 for Freshman Orientation 
* August 22, 6pm for Back To School Night 
* "Breaking Down the Walls" Training and Mentoring, will miss two days during the week of Oct 22-26 
* 2 LINK-sponsored events during tutorial