AP Computer Science Prerequisites

If you want to take AP Computer Science and have some programming experience, read the information below and complete the exercises in Java. If you are able to complete these tasks alone, you have the required knowledge to enroll the year long course.

If you have never programmed before, our SHS course "Introduction to Programming" may be a better option for you.  If you have not taken that class, and want to learn over the summer, here is a link to how you could learn the basics.  The document gives suggestions both to online, independent learning to local classroom environments my previous students have used.

Confidence is expected in: beginning Java syntax concepts, variable declarations and initializations, loops, conditional statements (if-else), simple output statements, the use of the Scanner class for user input, utilization of methods, their parameter lists and return types, and the interaction between an object and a tester class using that object.

NEW!!  Join the Canvas summer course to view videos of prerequisite topics.  Whether you are new to CS this summer, or are confident in your experience, it would be good to view these videos and read the available documents before school begins in the August.

Programming Tasks (all files are shown as links on the right)
Coins.java and CoinsTester.java Instructions: CoinsSpecs.pdf
NOTE: the website will not allow *.java files to be uploaded.  These files are text files which you would need to copy and paste into JCreator or another java development environment
Coins.java starter file
CoinsTester.java starter file
ForLoops.java and ForLoopsTester.java Instructions:  ForLoops.pdf
Completion of two additional methods online Instructions:  JavaBatMethodsInfo.pdf