Senior Prom Information

Senior Prom Information
Posted on 05/02/2018
Senior PromThe Senior Prom will be held at The Exploratorium in San Francisco on June 2nd.

SR Prom Agreement 1718.pdf

SR Prom Guest 1718.pdf

All students must bring in a parent signed Student Senior Prom Activity Form before purchasing tickets. Students must show their ASB card in order to receive the ASB discount.

Students must check in by 5:00pm in the gym, board the bus at 5:30pm and will return to the school by midnight.

Ticket prices are as follows:

ASB $195.00
No ASB $215.00
Guest $215.00

ASB $205.00
No ASB $225.00
Guest $225.00

The last day to purchase tickets is May 23rd by 3:00pm unless all buses fill out beforehand.