Welcome to Saratoga High School!


Enrollment for the Current School Year - 2017-18

To enroll your student for the current year in-progress, please visit the Guidance Office in the Administration building and request enrollment information.

The current school year ends June 7, 2018.


Enrollment for the Next School Year - 2018-19

Key Dates




Preview of Electives Night

All incoming grades 9-12

Jan 29

SHS McAfee Center, 6:45pm. Students and parents welcome.

Incoming Junior and Senior(gr 11/12)

Parent Guidance Night

Thursday Feb 1

SHS McAfee Center, 7:00pm. Parents only.

Incoming Sophomore (gr 10)

Parent Guidance Night

Tuesday Feb 6

SHS Library, 7:00pm.
Parents only.

Incoming Freshman (gr 9)

Parent Guidance Night

Thursday Feb 8

SHS McAfee Center, 7:00pm. Parents only.

General enrollment begins

Feb 26

Pre-enrollment packet available for pickup in the SHS office, guidance area (registrar)

1st day of school 2018-19

Thursday Aug 16



General Guidelines – Enrollment

  • Students must reside within school boundaries to attend the school.
    • The district maintains a web-based residency lookup which you may access here: Lookup
  • Enrollment consists of providing us with seven different document types typically:
    1. Signed Confirmation Page indicating completion of the online steps
    2. Completed Statement of Residency
    3. Proof of Residency, copy of document type 1
    4. Proof of Residency, copy of document type 2
    5. Proof of Residency, copy of document type 3
    6. Copy of grade reports or transcripts from the most recent school, plus copies of grade reports (report cards) extending to 7th and 8th grade.
    7. Proof of county and state-required public school student immunizations
    • If student is entering from outside Santa Clara County, a TB risk assessment must be performed and provided to the school within 12 months of starting school.
      • If entering from outside the United States, the assessment must be done in the U.S.
    • Verification of Varicella disease (chicken pox) or proof of the immunization is required if entering a California school for the first time.
    • Proof of the Tdap booster is required.  The booster must have been received after the 7th birthday.


    For further information or questions concerning enrollment, please contact the school registrar, Robert Wise, at rwise@lgsuhsd.org or 408/867-3411 x211.