Welcome to Saratoga High School!


Enrollment for the Current School Year - 2017-18

To enroll your student for the current year in-progress, please visit the Guidance Office in the Administration building and request enrollment information.

The current school year ends June 7, 2018.


Enrollment for the Next School Year - 2018-19

Key Dates




General enrollment begins

Feb 26

Pre-enrollment packet available for pickup in the SHS office, guidance area (registrar)

 Fall Sports Tryouts Begin  TBA
 Falcon Fest  Friday
Aug 10
SHS, time TBA.  Drop off forms, get a locker, take a picture, pick up class schedule.
 New Student BBQ Tuesday
Aug 14 
SHS, time TBA.  For all new students at any grade coming from non-Saratoga schools
Freshman student Link Crew orientation  Wednesday
Aug 15

SHS, time TBA.  All 9th grade students welcome

1st day of school 2018-19

Thursday Aug 16



General Guidelines – Enrollment

  • Students must reside within school boundaries to attend the school.
    • The district maintains a web-based residency lookup which you may access here: Lookup
  • A minimum of seven types of documents are required to complete enrollment:
  1. Signed Enrollment Confirmation page indicating completion of the online steps
  2. Completed Statement of Residency
    1. Form available here: Statement of Residency
  3. Proof of Residency, copy of document type 1
  4. Proof of Residency, copy of document type 2
  5. Proof of Residency, copy of document type 3
    1. Proof of Residency instructions available here: Proof of Residency Requirement
  6. Proof of all immunizations required by the county and state for public school students
    1. California immunization requirements document: California School Immunization Requirements
    2. Students enrolling for the first time within Santa Clara County are required to have a healthcare provider complete the TB Risk Assessment for School Entry form​​ and return it before the student may be enrolled. TB Risk Assessment for School Entry
      1. TB testing is required only if the healthcare provider identifies a risk factor for TB exposure.  TB testing must be performed within the U.S. and documented results from up to twelve months prior to school registration are valid.
  7. Copy of grade reports or transcripts from the most recent school, plus copies of grade reports (report cards) extending to middle school (6th-8th grades).

For further information or questions concerning enrollment, please contact the school registrar, Robert Wise, at rwise@lgsuhsd.org or 408/867-3411 x211.