Tutoring Center

The tutoring center is a resource for SHS students to receive volunteer tutoring primarily from student peers as well as community volunteers in all subjects offered at SHS. Students in need of tutoring can stop by and sign up for the subject they want tutoring in, and their available times. Tutoring Center Staff will then help match a tutor with a tutee. Students interested in tutoring can also sign up in the Tutoring Center for subjects and times they can tutor.

The tutoring center is set up to support both individual and collaborative studying and tutoring with table grouping, white boards, standing tables, couches, and more. It is also equipped with desktop computers and chromebooks for work online.

The Tutoring Center is located off of the library next to the research center. The Tutoring center is open daily from 9:45am to 3:45pm and is open through tutorial and lunch.

For more information, please contact Kristopher Orre or Sunita Bal. The Tutoring Center extension is x237.