Transitions for Writing

Commonly Used Transitions

Cause & Effect

Accordingly                        Since

As a result                           So

Consequently                      Then

Hence                                  Therefore                 

It follows, then                    Thus


As a result                             So

Consequently                        The upshot of all this is

Hence                                    Therefore

In conclusion, then                Thus

In short                                  To sum up

In sum, then                           To summarize

It follows, then


Along the same lines              Likewise

In the same way                     Similarly


Although                                Nevertheless

But                                         Nonetheless

By contrast                            On the contrary

Conversely                            On the other hand

Despite the fact that              Regardless

Even though                          Whereas

However                                While

In contrast                              Yet


Also                                        In fact

And                                         Indeed

Besides                                    Moreover

Furthermore                             So too

In addition


Admittedly                                    Of course

Although it is true that                  Naturally

Granted                                         To be sure


After all                           For instance

As an illustration             Specifically

Consider                          To take a case in point

For example


Actually                           To put it another way

By extension                    To put it bluntly

In short                             To put it succinctly

That is                              Ultimately

In other words