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***Updated 5/9/2017***
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Spring 2017 Course Registration/Guidance Presentations
Please see Canvas for access to the presentations.

Study Strategies and Note-Taking Tips
For active study strategies, click here.
For Cornell Notes tips, click here.
For test-taking tips, click here.

Course Offerings shows all the courses available to students for the 2017-2018 school year. The Scope and Sequence charts show the order of instruction for each academic department and also shows the prerequisites that exist for the classes students want to take. A separate list of courses available to freshmen is also available.
Grade level books provide information for the year students are currently studying. They are handbooks that give students information regarding graduation requirements, grading standards, preparation for the future, and other helpful information to answer many academic questions.
Official transcripts are handled by Mrs. Fong in the main office. If you need an unofficial transcript (ie, for concurrent enrollment at a community college) download one from your Aeries account.
This provides information regarding the rigor and expectations of AP and Honors courses at SHS. Students taking these classes are required to sign a contract stating their acceptance of the expectations and requirements of advanced level courses.
Students who need letters of recommendation prior to college applications MUST follow the guidelines. If SHS needs to submit your application, you must speak with Mrs. Fong in a timely manner.