Student Network Accounts

All students are assigned a network account and password.  These accounts are used to access school computers and the wireless network.
After a student has agreed to the District Technology Use Policy, their account is activated. 
Student login names use your district assigned user name: 

Your student email address will be in the following format
<First three letters of Last Name><First  Name Initial><Last 4 digits of Student ID>

For example: Diana Prince Student ID 123456  has the email address prid3456

If your last name is three or fewer characters, use your entire last name.
Your initial default password is your birthday in the MMDDYYYY format. 
You must change your password IMMEDIATELY after logging on to our network for the first time. You are responsible for any unauthorized use of your network account.

Passwords can be reset in the tech office or by the Librarian.
If you get the following error messages when trying to login,  please try the indicated fix:
Your account has been disabled  - Have you turned a SIGNED Technology Agreement in?
the user name or password is incorrect - Are you entering your user name as last initial, first initial student ID?  Is your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format?  Is CAPS LOCK on?
Your password has expired and must be changed - Click OK and change your password. Your password can be anything you want it to be.