Saratoga High School is committed to using technology to enhance the learning environment for all students and staff.  
School Website
If you would like to add an event to our school website, please contact Pola-Michelle Alas   She is responsible for approving and adding all content to the main page of our school website.  Thank you!

Trouble Accessing School Accounts?
Having trouble accessing your school issued Google account or Canvas account? Please  Click Here for a guide on how to access your school Google or Canvas account. 

You can also use the District password change portal once you have enrolled on the site. Here are complete enrollment instructions.
Student Network Storage Policy
Students are not allowed to save any files to the school’s network or computers. Students must save their work to their own devices or hosted storage. SHS is not responsible for any student files saved on school computers.
Best Practices
- Use a USB data key or personal hosted storage (such as Google Drive) to store your important documents and files
- Please remember to charge your laptop batteries each night!
- Check if the school content filter allows your site before presenting it in class
- Do several practice runs before presenting electronic material to your class
- Save and backup important documents often